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One of the basic trends in the world in the field of education has been the advent of a system of unions and associations of traditional universities within the frameworks of international and national open and virtual educational institutions, which contributes to the integration of the research and educational activities of universities and their active participation in the creation of the world research and educational information space.

The consortium represents a community of traditional universities integrating communication and administrative resources in order to provide various research and educational services based on principles of democracy, open partnership, open access to information, exchange of knowledge and experience.

Experience of Petrozavodsk State University is presented here, as to the development of international co-operation in the field of education, research, information technologies and innovative activities on the basis of the consortium of the Northern European Open University .


The idea of establishment of an international university, which was tentatively called as The North International University, in cooperation with foreign and Russian universities partners, was suggested by Professor V.N. Vasiliev, Rector of PetrSU in the early 1990s.

The work of PetrSU staff during these ten years was aimed at developing:
- international contacts with foreign research and educational institutions and international organisations from Nordic countries firstly in various fields of science, education and innovations (representation of international organisations were founded);
- information and telecommunication facilities of the University (a corporate telecommunication network was created);
- the system of branches and training centres in the Republic of Karelia and the Murmansk Region, etc. and gave impetus to further development of the idea of creating a new type of University - open consortium of the NEOU.

The project Creation of the Northern European Open University was submitted to the National Training Foundation (NTF) Program called Improvement of university management and it won in the competition.

In September 1999, an agreement between PetrSU and the NTF was signed, on receiving a $ 300,000 sub loan from the World Bank of Reconstruction and Development, for the project to be realized.


In the process of realization of the NEOU creation project, PetrSU specialists created and co-ordinated with the partners the project documentation that served as the foundation for the normative and organizational basis of the NEOU:
- organizational structure and administrative management scheme;
- activities program;
- project of the NEOU telecommunication network and its content filling up;
- project of the distance learning system, including creating distance courses;
- business-plan for the NEOU development, multi-channel financing scheme and self-financing;
- regulations and activities programs of the NEOU structural subdivisions joint research and educational centres founded at PetrSU faculties with Russian and foreign partners;
- inter-university, inter-departmental and other kinds of agreements on joint activities within the NEOU.

Telecommunication infrastructure and the NEOU has been formed using PetrSU's corporate network.

On the basis of the analysis of market demands for research and educational services, on the one hand, and the possibilities of the organisations participating in the consortium, on the other, priorities have been identified for the NEOU activities in cooperation with Russian and foreign partners, in educational sphere, distance learning, research, innovative, information and consulting activities.

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