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In the process of realisation of the NEOU creation project, PetrSU specialists created and co-ordinated with the partners the project documentation that served as the foundation for the normative and organizational basis of the NEOU:
- organisational structure and administrative management scheme;
- activities plan;
- project of the NEOU telecommunication network and its content filling up;
- project of the distance learning system, including creating distance courses;
- business-plan for the NEOU development, multi-channel financing scheme and self-financing;
- regulations and activities plans of the NEOU structural subdivisions – joint research and educational centres founded at PetrSU faculties with Russian and foreign partners;
- inter-university, inter-departmental and other kind of agreements on joint activities within the NEOU.

Telecommunication infrastructure of NEOU has been formed using PetrSU's corporate network.

On the basis of the analysis of market demands for research and educational services, on the one hand, and the possibilities of the organisations participating in the consortium, on the other, priorities have been identified for the NEOU activities in cooperation with Russian and foreign partners in educational sphere, distance learning, research, innovation, information and consulting activities.

The ceremony of signing the Protocol of Intention “Declaration on the NEOU creation” took place at the meeting of the Academic Council of Petrozavodsk State University on 12 September, 2000. The participants of the ceremony were greeted by S.L. Katanandov, Head of the Republic of Karelia.

Professor V.N. Vasiliev, Rector of Petrozavodsk State University, emphasized in his speech that the NEOU status means a consortium of international and Russian organisations is opened to membership and partnership with any organisation from all over the world. The rector emphasized the willingness of some organisations and firms from Nordic Countries and Russia to support the idea of the NEOU proposed in June 1998.

The “Declaration on the NEOU creation” was signed at the opening ceremony by:

S.L.Katanandov - on behalf of Government of the Republic of Karelia;
V.N.Vasiliev- on behalf of Petrozavodsk State University;

Oddrunn Pettersen - on behalf of Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes;
Carl Yirka - on behalf of Vermont Law School (USA);
Tero Norjanen - on behalf of Lapland University;
Teuvo Laaksonen - on behalf of JS Neles Automation;
Paavo Pelkonen - on behalf of University of Joensuu;
Kari Eklund - on behalf of South Carelia Polytechnic;
A.O.Chubarian - on behalf of Institute of General History of RAS;
N.N.Nemova - on behalf of Institute of Biology of Karelian Research Center of RAS;
V.F.Bryazgin - on behalf of Karelian State Pedagogical University;
R.I.Tripolsky - on behalf of Murmansk State Pedagogical University;
E.M.Sulman - on behalf of Tver State Technical University;
Vl.N. Vasiliev - on behalf of St. Petersburg State University of Fine Mechanics and Optics;
V.A. Zhuravlev - on behalf of Udmurdsky State University;
A.L. Gavrikov - on behalf of Novgorod State University;
V.A. Baburin - on behalf of St. Petersburg University of Water Communication

25 organisations have joined the NEOU consortium since the time the Declaration was signed (from 2000 till 2003), these includ Russian, foreign national and international educational, research, voluntary, cultural and commercial organisations, foundations, companies from Nordic Countries and USA.
- Open Society Institute (Moscow);
- State University of Management (Moscow);
- Tumen State Oil and Gas University (Tumen);
- Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki (Finland);
- California State Polytechnic University (Pomona, USA).

Ceremony of signing the Declaration


Sergei Katanandov and Victor Vasiliev have signed the Declaration


The extended meeting of the Academic Council of Petrozavodsk State University on 12 September 2000


Presentation of NEOU offices