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A present-day democratic societys coming-to-be and development should be attended by free access to world cultural heritage and free exchange of information.

The Northern European Open University (hereinafter the NEOU) is going to be created as a consortium of both international and national educational, research, innovative, informational, public, cultural and other kinds of organizations, funds, companies with the aim to provide personnel and scientific support for the social and economic development of the European North of Russia, as well as to create uniform educational, scientific and informational space in the European North.

Creation of the NEOU is to ensure free access to and exchange of knowledge, experience and information, along with open partnership in the European North for all interested parties.

The parties that sign the present Declaration appoint Petrozavodsk State University as the core organization responsible for coordination and technical aspects of the activity as to the NEOU creation, as well as for the administrative and financial supervision of its further activities.

The main directions of the NEOUs activities are identified as follows.

1. Establishing open partnerships:

    A. Establishing contacts and concluding agreements in the area of co-operation between institutions of higher education, research institutes and other organizations;
    B. Establishing direct contacts between faculties, departments, laboratories and other structural subdivisions of educational and research institutions, organizations and businesses.

2. Promoting educational and research activities:
    A. Joint training and retraining of personnel, development of lecturers visiting and exchange programs in Russian and foreign universities;
    B. Creating joint curricula and courses of study;
    C. Organizing joint research work;
    D. Creating and publishing joint textbooks, manuals and other sort of literature in the fields of science, education and culture;
    E. Licensing of certain courses of study in Russian higher schools in cooperation with foreign partners;
    F. Creating a library on current issues of the NEOUs activities, as well as promoting inter-library exchange.

3. Promoting innovative and informational work:
    A. Introducing environmental state-of-the-art technologies into industry and agriculture;
    B. Creating innovative, scientific and technological support centers including technological parks, technopolises, engineering centers;
    C. Promoting international contacts in the field of innovative activities;
    D. Creating and fostering the work of informational and consulting offices in the fields of education and science, representing international and national organizations;
    E. Ensuring exchange of informational resources and data bases;
    F. Creating a web site on regional international co-operation in the region.

4. Arranging and implementing exchange programs:
    A. Attracting administrative and financial facilities and resources of national governmental bodies to provide support for exchange programs with legal and physical persons involved;
    B. Promoting international exchange programs for all groups of Russian public;
    C. Promoting students mobility;
    D. Participating in the foundation and work of foreign citizen enrollment boards for studying in Russia.

5. Developing novel technologies in education:
    A. Creating, developing and using methods of open learning and distance education;
    B. Establishing and fostering co-operation in distance education;
    C. Introduction of the ECTS method in learners exchange programs;
    D. Setting up new virtual and open universities;
    E. Assisting in creation and promotion of the virtual Barents University activities.

6. Providing support to the minorities and indigenous population of the North in the field of culture:
    A. Rendering assistance in the specialists training and pursuing research on problems related to the minorities and indigenous people of the North;
    B. Contributing to the development of contacts between various groups of minorities and indigenous people of the North;
    C. Creating conditions for representatives of the minorities and indigenous people to realize their right of having open access to worldwide cultural heritages and informational values.

7. Creating joint structures and infrastructure for promoting international co-operation:
    A. Creating joint educational, research and innovative divisions of the NEOU;
    B. Organizing the work of consulting services for promoting cooperation in science and technology;
    C. Drawing up and implementing joint projects and programs;
    D. Arranging conferences, seminars, exhibitions, as well as demonstrational zones for the state-of-the-art equipment and technologies;
    E. Creating pro tempore working teams to implement joint projects;
    F. Rendering assistance in creating centers for attesting the validity of documents about education.
    The parties that sign the present Declaration acknowledge that joint activities within the lines indicated will be carried out in each case separately, on the basis of bilateral agreements and in accordance with the projects terms.

12 September 2000