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The goal of the creation and development of the NEOU work is to promote international co-operation of the consortium members aimed at improving the quality of learning and research work, developing innovative activities, creating joint teams of teachers and researchers.

The NEOUs main objectives:

  • Assistance in specialists training, retraining and refresher courses by creating joint courses and programs as well as exchanging teaching and methodical information;

  • Participation in creating common research, educational and information space in the European North through co-ordination of curricula, generation of equivalents in knowledge assessment, solving problems of mutual licensing for specialties and diploma acknowledgement.

  • Creation of distance courses, promotion of distance learning.

  • Creation of joint training-research-production, innovative, information, voluntary and other types of structures, working teams.

  • Organization of and participation in exchange programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculty and researchers.

  • Assistance in organizing and pursuing joint educational, scientific, scientific-and-technical and applied research, realization of innovative projects, introduction into practice of high-tech, environmental and energy-saving technologies.

  • Joint creation, publication and exchange of the teaching, methodical and scientific literature.

  • Presentation of the traditions and culture of the peoples inhabiting the European North of Russia through arranging language courses, exhibitions, Days of Culture.

  • Organization of consulting services for the development of international co-operation in teaching, methodical, scientific and technical, innovation, information and cultural spheres.

  • Assistance to international and foreign national organizations in the development of informational co-operation with institutions of the European North, creation of the server on regional international co-operation in the European North.

  • Assistance in establishing and promoting co-operation between higher schools in the European North of Russia and foreign research and educational and cultural institutions.


The NEOUs basic lines of activities:

Research and educational activities:
  • Creation of joint curricula and courses;

  • Exchange of the teaching staff to promote joint work;

  • Licensing (acknowledgement) of joint courses;

  • Joint research work;

  • Creation of research and educational web-resources;

  • Organization of distance courses.

  • Development of open and distance education:
  • Creation of the distance learning system as a form of integration of various universities curricula within the framework of open and virtual universities;

  • Integration of international experience to develop courses for distance and individual learning in basic and special disciplines, using information technologies;

  • Creation of a system of distance courses dealing with studies of Russia, the North Region, Nordic countries (in the field of history, philology, economics, ecology, sociology, politology and medicine), for both the universities NEOU partners and the regions citizens;

  • Development of promising distance educational technologies.

  • Innovative activities:
  • Studying, adaptation and introduction of new technologies;

  • Joint developments;

  • Work with state executive bodies, associations and businessmen councils;

  • Support for small and middle business;

  • Exchange of the scientific and technical personnel and businessmen.

  • Development of international co-operation infrastructure:
  • Creation of information representations of international organizations;

  • Creation of information resources on international activities;

  • Organization of training in project management;

  • Organization of informational and consulting services and fundrising;

  • Development of framework programs.