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Living in Karelia, northern part of Russia what things we do know on Canada, in many aspects so similar to Russia?

Canadian Studies Centre in Petrozavodsk was opened under the edges of the Northern European Open University and Petrozavodsk State University in September 2002 with the support of the General Consul of Canada in Saint Petersburg, Mrs.Anna Biolik.

At the meeting with Mr. Viktor Vasiliev, Rector of PetrSU, Mrs. Biolik admitted that Petrozavodsk State University is close to European standards and promised to do her best to promote the projects targeted at the stuff and students of various faculties of the University. The General Consul also noted that a special foundation had already been established in Canada to render support for such projects.

Main objectives of the Centre:

- Fostering of political, economic and social relations between different institutions of Canada and Karelia,
- Strengthening and enhancing the co-operation between Petrozavodsk State University and other research, educational and non-governmental organisations of Canada.

Basic activities of the Centre:

- Development and introduction of educational courses focusing on Canadian history and economics for higher education institutions of Karelia and of Northern Russia;
- Students’ exchange programs development for students and faculties;
- Assistance in developing Canada oriented research programs and projects carried out by students, graduate students, scholars, and professors of higher schools in Northern Russia;
- Partnership establishing and cooperation developing between organizations in Canada and the European North;
- Data bases creating on educational, scientific and cultural institutions as well as on voluntary organizations of Canada;
- Project management within the framework of Canada and Russia cooperation;
- Conferences and seminars holding;
- Publications preparing;
- Centre web-pages maintenance;
- Consulting services for physical and legal persons on project activities.

Contact information:
Manager: Hutte Daria
20,Anokhina str., Office 406
Tel.: +7 8142 78 41 69, 76 58 35

Opening Ceremony of the Center by Mr.Vasiliev and Mrs.Anna Biolik.


Participants of the 55th student research conference.


Daria Hutte